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Uniting Our Powers Through the 64 Yoginis: Online Study Course

Mystery surrounds the 64 Yoginis; believed to be living women who were then deified. we ignite their names through mantra to remember the yoginis, our forgotten ancestors, great grandmothers, and each other. 

In this course, we will chant and learn the names of one group of 64 Yoginis as remembered by the Himalayan Tradition. Vocalizing their names, we unite our powers of imagination and inner wisdom to remember the many facets of her precious gem.

To remember this circle of names we greatly benefit from the support of others on the same path. For many of us, the learning process can be linear and lonely; while alone time to immerse ourselves in practice is necessary. The nature of chanting her names creates a great mandala to remember all of her and in turn all of our ourselves. 

Join us in community for a dedicated 4 week practice. 
Meeting Dates:  July 31, August 1, 7 & 14.
Times: 8:30am Pacific/ 10:30am Central |  Approximate meeting time 1 hour.
Hosted and supported by Stephanie Chee Barea & Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

Our meetings will consist of learning chant, embody and pronounce the Names of the 64 Yoginis, creative practices to support your learning and time for questions and insight.  Each week you will receive a link to our Zoom call. After the call is done we will send you the recording and any additional creative practices.