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Yoga Nidra: Beyond Waking, Sleeping + Dreaming

This weekend immersion – designed for yoga practitioners and teachers alike – offers a unique opportunity to explore and experience the ancient science of Yoga Nidra.

While more commonly known as a powerful way to bring balance and healing, Yoga Nidra has applications well beyond deep relaxation.  In this weekend immersion, master teachers Stephanie Chee Barea and Jillian Glikbarg will guide you through the origin and history of Yoga Nidra, examining both the ancient and modern science behind sleep, brain waves, and the power of deep awareness.  Learn specific techniques to balance the nervous system, seat intention, promote self-transformation, and ultimately to go beyond that awareness into a state of pure consciousness without limitation - turiya.  Gain greater self-understanding, healing and confidence in how to give this practice to yourself and others.