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About Stephanie

Stephanie is a practitioner and educator of the science and philosophy of Tantric Hatha Yoga. An initiate of the Tantric Sri Vidya tradition – a 5,000 year-old living tradition of the Himalayan Masters – she is a proud graduate of the very first Sri Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2009.  She holds a B.A. in Biological Sciences from Columbia University, is certified RYT 500 and E-RYT 200, successfully completed the ParaYoga 500-hr curriculum and also holds credentials to teach Yoga 4 Teens and Prenatal Vinyasa. With over 16 years of classroom teaching experience and 6 years of studio teaching experience, Stephanie continues to study Tantra and train with her teachers Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Yogarupa Rod Stryker. She is also a student of Sanskrit and certified by the Himalayan Institute to teach the Yoga Sutras.

With a firm belief in the promise of yoga as freedom in the world (rather than freedom from the world), she seeks to remind her students of the inherent flow of joy and steadiness that exists within. She integrates the tools of yoga (asana, bandha, mudra, kriya, mantra and meditation) to create a balanced, inspired and invigorating practice that nourishes the spirit as much as the body and mind.  Stephanie believes in the infinite potential of the individual and in yoga's ability to help us access it within ourselves – to live your Sri!  

you are what you practice.


I am a teacher because I love being a student.  More specifically, I love being a student of science.  Yoga is more than the shapes you make with your body – it is an ancient, time-tested science of the Self. Specific progressions of methodologies require both a willingness and a curiosity to observe and experience your body, breath, mind, and spirit in practice.  Self-knowledge leads to self-mastery – the true promise of yoga.

I work with students who are seekers, students who don't see themselves as able to "do yoga", students who are questioning what else there is to achieve after handstands  and backbends, students who recognize the potential for greater joy and freedom in their lives beyond the yoga classroom.  I hope to expand our collective sense of what yoga can offer us in modern life, using the teachings and techniques imparted to me through a living lineage of scholars, sages, and practitioners.